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If you had to compose your own beastiary [Hexen/Heretic related]

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You have to compose your own beastiary for a Doom-engine Heretic / Hexen expansion. You have 8 empty monster slots, and have to utilize the monsters from Heretic / Hexen. You may also choose one boss monster and 4 of your monsters may have variations (Nitrogolems and Slaughtaurs being variations of Golems and centaurs respectively, but you can make up new ones if you want to). Which monsters would you choose?

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Full monster list:

			Heretic		Hexen
Slow Melee		Golem++		Ettin
Fast Melee		Sabreclaw	Centaur+
Basic Ranged		Undead Warrior+	Wendigo
Pesky Flier		Gargoyle+	Affrit
Tough Flier		Disciple	Bishop
Tank			Weredragon	Chaos Serpent+
Others			Iron Lich	Stalker
			Ophidian	Reiver+
Boss			Maulotaur	Heresiarch
			D'Sparil	Korax
Monsters with variants are marked with a +. I hesitate to consider the buried reivers to really be a variant of the reiver, but nevermind that.

First things first: I hate playing wack-a-mole with monsters. So centaurs, slaughtaurs, heresiarchs, and stalkers, what with spending 95% of their time invulnerable thanks to stupid shields/magic/being under the surface, will not make the cut. They suck.

Golems rather than ettins since they can be used for ranged with their variant, and the ghost variants can be used to make interesting tactical challenges (using them as meatshields for a bunch of undead warriors for example; the axes will go right through them so there won't be infighting).

This means that we'll take the undead warriors as well. Good thing, wendigos are a bit of a glass cannon. They aren't that tough, but if you can't easily dodge them they're a bit overpowered. Also they are very themed and therefore not generic enough to be used in any map.

The affrit have a more interesting combat behavior than the gargoyles, so I'd lean to favor them. On the other hand, gargoyles give us two variants. I could go either way really; but for this exercise I'll say affrit.

Did I say I loathed centaurs? I think I did. Sabreclaw for the secondary melee monsters.

Between disciples of D'Sparil and dark bishops, I think I'd rather choose Disciple, which behave better. The attack of the bishops, while pretty, isn't very threatening; and they are kinda annoying what with constantly attacking and making strafing noises even when they don't see the player.

While the chaos serpents' variations are purely cosmetic, it has the merit of being there. Also the weredragon looks kinda goofy and it has some dumb artifacts on some of its sprites.

Now we get to pick two other monsters from the remaining three: ophidian, iron lich, and reiver. It's a hard choice, but I'd go with reiver and iron lich.

Finally, the boss. Maulotaur, no contest. D'Sparil and Korax are supposed to be unique, so fighting them again and again is weird. The Heresiarch is one of those awful monsters I hate fighting because they're just so goddamn boring. The deathkings behave like deathmatch bots more than like boss monsters.

So: TL;DR version:
1. Golem (+ variant)
2. Sabreclaw
3. Affrit
4. Undead Warrior (+ variant)
5. Disciple
6. Chaos Serpent (+ variant)
7. Iron Lich
8. Reiver (+ variant if you count it as one)
Boss: Maulotaur

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I think the Golems are nice and all, but to me they fill pretty much the same purpose as the Undead Warriors. They are a melee/ranged low/mid tier enemy. The Undead Warrior being the tougher of the two.

I'd probably go with:

Ettin for slow melee, simply because they're kinda tough. They've got a tough enough hide for waves of them to stress me out.

Undead Warriors for a tougher mid tier fighter. Pretty all-purpose. Can swing his axe or throw it around. Also comes with a ghost variat.

Affrit, because I think the Gargoyle from Heretic stinks. Essentially a worthless foe that only drains my ammo. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been hit by the gargoyles fireballs, but the Affrit seem to hit constantly. More dangerous, pretty much.

Disciple rather than Bishops. Visually, I prefer Bishops, but Gez' is right regarding the Disciple's superior attack. It's much more dangerous. I also think the Disciples can take a bigger beating than the Bishops, although I might be wrong.

Chaos Serpent as a tougher foe. I always thought the Weredragons were pretty worthless. They are easy to kill and their projectile is easy to dodge. Heretic needs a better tank than these guys. The Chaos Serpent isn't much better, but even visually it's more interesting. Weredragons suck.

Reiver gets the sixth spot, because it's an interesting enemy and also kinda creepy.

Ophidian has gained rescent respect from me. Usually, I thought it was a kinda pointless enemy, but when not used as a sniper, or sitting in a monster cage, it can be a pretty nasty foe.

Wendigo gets my final spot. Yes, he's kinda level specific, but I like him and I think he was underused in Hexen. I like icey levels, as well, and in an episode replacement there could easily be an ice level centered solely on the Wendigos.

For a boss, I gotta go with the Maulotaur. I always kinda felt he was a cyberdemon ripoff, but hey.

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