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Any wad composition of beta-unreleased levels like "The lost episode" evil unleashed?

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Any compilation of official unreleased levels that were forgotten and stuff? Played Doom: The Lost Episode (Evil Unleashed) put together by Xaser, Wills, Skunk, Nuxius, and SnowKate709 and I have to say it is the best freakin' expansion to Ultimate Doom (currently on e5m7). One of my favorite wads.

From now on I'm going to blab away about why I think this is one of the best wads so don't read if you don't want to:

The alpha levels from Doom were really scary as I felt like I didn't belong where I was and I could fall off in space and die (and you can in the later alpha level!). The green moving textures with skulls which weren't released, the extra geometry that sticks out in the environment (walls and other parts), and the space background really add to the atmosphere of being doomed and hopeless in a place that resembles nothing else I've ever seen in Doom. It is so cool getting the supershotgun late in the episode too (like a warm-up to Doom 2); plus it's different than Doom 2's shotgun (it's from playstation final doom but it gave me the impression of something really rare).

Back in September 10 1993 (I believe this is accurate since Mortal Kombat 2 had just been released for snes though I was maybe a day late. Websites list this game released in 1993 or 1994 so I don't know for sure) I went to rent mortal kombat 2 for snes in a local family video rental business. The owner was a man in his mid to late 30's perhaps; kind of obese and seemed like a very good down to earth nice man. He asked if my name was some other person but I said no; then he asked if I could go with him to see his computer with a serious look. He snuck me in a back room that was dark and obscured away from his rental business (BTW this was the only rental store I had ever seen with pc games for rent) and I saw him sit at his computer typing and then I saw Doom e2m1. He typed more and was very fast and good at typing then I saw a chaingun show up on the screen shooting pinky's. I was very quiet. At that moment I felt like the luckiest person.

Doom was always a really hard to get game for me. After moving to a different city I was in poverty and could only rent Doom for snes (that was the best rental I had). Ended up renting a playstation console later when it just came out with Doom custom playstation edition and I felt very lucky. Eventually traded all my snes stuff for a playstation system with Doom and then I really felt lucky. This wad gives me that feeling.

Really thank the authors for putting together this wad. The alpha levels really provide what is missing in so many wad compilations that are typical of each other. Why isn't there more wads with strange levels such as these alpha levels that never saw the light of day (they're pretty creepy)?

Why oh why doesn't ID release something like this? This could've been like an official expansion to Ultimate Doom for those who bought Doom 2 or they could release some highly forgotten content that never saw the light of day. ID should release a director's cut version of some sort after all these years; I would pay so much for that.

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