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tharsis.wad - comments welcomed

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TharsisFDA For prBoom

Tried a few times, never finishes. Didn't have the time to continue trying.

All and all, I think the map is great. I really like the texture usage and layout. All the inter-connectivity and details made it very interesting to explore.

The main things I would consider looking at for adjustment would be the weapon availability and monster proximity. I found myself trapped in small spaces with numerous top-tier enemies a couple of times, and without room to dodge and no weapon powerful enough to kill them fast with, died. I suggest maybe moving a few of the imps further back from the lift by the blue door, that way the player has time to assess the situation, since they were probably surprised like I was when the floor dropped from under them. You can see what I mean in the demo. I would also consider making the SSG available from the beginning. The regular shotgun slows game-play down a lot, and I feel like the map would play more enjoyably with an SSG. Ammo also was rather tight, at one point I ran out and resorted to punching things. Although, I don't mind a little tyson action every now and then, especially since there's a berserk pack here.

Also, the arch-vile room was very clever. I really liked the way the room opened up as you sneak around to hunt down the arch-viles.

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I agree with Rayzik, the map is quite interesting to explore, especially because of the weird monster placement. I mean it's not the usual "a few monsters per room" type of deal, you often go through series of empty or almost empty rooms, which adds to the suspense.

You can watch another failed FDA if you want. Judging by the monster counter I saw only 50% of the map.

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another fda to throw on the pile. like 20 mins, eventually completes, missed a dozen monsters and most of the secrets.

Memfis said:

you often go through series of empty or almost empty rooms, which adds to the suspense.

agree with this. that was interesting

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Thanks guys for taking the time to make those demos - it is strange to see a map you have run through hundreds of times from someone else's persepective, but I enjoyed them all. I will use the demos and your advice to tweak this map a bit more. Cheers gents.

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