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Another Tech-base-y DM map.

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I tried something of a roundabout approach to this one. Slightly symmetric, but there's a few places where it breaks it.

Tried to play a little bit of a d*ck-move on the player who manages to get the BFG.

I tried to make this map Vanilla-compat, but it seems there's a visplane overflow on startup.

Here's some screenshots, and the download:



(I may try to do some work with this here in a bit, if I get some feedback on it. It's a small map, I put 4 DM starts in it, but I'm guessing it's big enough for a one-on-one match.)

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Could I get some -feedback- and some help? : P

Just some 'blandness' and 'symmetrical' notes aren't helping me much, seeing as how I've mentioned the map was both of these.

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I mean, there's nothing technically wrong with the map, it does seem like a good DM map, but it needs some more decorations, with textures and whatever. Make the structure look dignified, not like a boring square thing.

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