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I have completed upgrading of Eternity's dynaseg system for polyobjects, retrofitting it with a new 100% GPL mini-bsp builder which generates a correct ordering for dynasegs within each subsector regardless of how they intersect and from where they are viewed.

This is similar to, albeit still slightly more limited than, ZDoom's MiniBSP system. Out of potential improvements offered by use of BSPs in this manner, limitations currently compare as such:

Feature                          Eternity  ZDoom
Concave Polyobjects                Yes      Yes
Intersect with each other          Yes      Yes
Intersect with static geometry     No       Yes
Ability to treat as 2S lines       No       Yes
The internal polynode builder is based on BSP 5.2.

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I'm seriously impressed with how quickly you were able to get all this together yesterday/today. Awesome stuff :)

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