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Want to find near-identical replacement tracks for Doom 2

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In the interests of boredom (what a strange phrase that is), I'd quite like to see if a full replacement set of music exists out there for all of Doom 2's tracks.

I realize I've done a few myself. :P But I'd like to know if other remixes already exist. FreeDoom has a few that I'm aware of, and I could conceivably use some of the unfinished Doom MIDIs.

D_RUNNIN - FreeDoom
D_STALKS - FreeDoom
D_BETWEE - FreeDoom
D_DOOM   - ?
D_THE_DA - ?
D_IN_CIT - ?
D_DEAD   - FreeDoom
D_ROMERO - FreeDoom
D_MESSAG - FreeDoom (though not the latest)
D_AMPIE  - ?
D_TENSE  - ?
D_EVIL   - FreeDoom

D_DM2TTL - ?
D_DM2INT - ?
As I said, my reasoning for this is mainly boredom, but also I'd honestly like to occasionally listen to something which is similar to the Doom2 soundtrack, but just a bit different. :P It's great music, but just feels a bit stale to me now.

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I'm sure you've heard of Project: Doom.

Not trying to split hairs too much here, but what qualifications are you looking for that makes it a suitable replacement? I know PRCP has a metal remix of Ultimate Doom E2M7: Sinitster (I think that's the track) It was used on some Twilight Descends remake. STRAIN's MAP02 has a track that combines a lot of Doom's songs in a weird way, stuff like D_E2M2, D_ROMERO and D_DEAD in one song.

The rock organ in this Tolwyn song always reminded me of D_RUNNIN.

EDIT: ninja edit

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Well, for D_RUNNIN, you could probably use the James Bond theme slowed down to like 1/4 normal speed :P

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Hmm, I guess I'm not looking for remixes. Yes, I've heard of Project: Doom, but because it's all metal remixes of the Doom tracks, they all sound the same and not really fitting for the levels that had slower and darker tracks like E1M5 and MAP06. I'm looking for tracks that use much the same instrumentation and perhaps even the same melodies as the originals, but have been made from scratch to ensure that they sound different.

That Tolwyn track you linked is indeed excellent 40oz, and I think I'll use that for D_RUNNI2. xP

Memfis: Eh, that's kinda remix-y. I could use it, I guess, but it sounds a bit too different to the original. I'd probably get tired of it in much the same way that I've gotten tired of D_DDTBLU. :P

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