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Wow Images

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That's right, the moment you have dreamed of has finally arrived, images have been enabled on the DW forums. However, in order to take advantage of their full glory, you will have to go into your options and actively turn them on, as I have disabled them by default.

Here's the FAQ section regarding images, also available at http://www.doomworld.com/vb/misc.php?s=&action=faq&page=3#images

Here are the rules regarding image usage. Failure to abide by these rules can result in being banned.

MAXIMUM image dimensions are 640x480. This means that image can be no more than 640 pixels wide AND the image can be no more than 480 pixels high.

MAXIMUM filesize is 80 kilobytes. If you link images larger than this you may fear the wrath of the mods.

Please use discretion when linking images that are not hosted on your own personal webspace. I do not want to get complaints from someone about how an image that was linked in a DW post has used up all their bandwidth.

No images that you would not want your grandmother to see. This includes pornography, "tasteful nudity," images of ultraviolence, seizure-inducing animated GIFs, etc etc. If you break this rule you WILL be banned IMMEDIATELY.

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I closed the thread you mong, stop circumventing the rules with your supermoderator wonderpowers.

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