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Making big open areas

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I really like big open areas with their impressive layouts like in SkePLand, but making them is real problem for me.
Are there any advices for making these locations or it depends of author's practice/abilities?

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If you're making your map for vanilla DooM, you'll need to take care that the player cannot see too many linedefs, sidedefs, and sectors. There are several ways in which you can create a large space with minimal risk of the dreaded "visplane overflow" crash:

1. Reduce the number of linedefs you use for the area. This will make the area under-detailed, but you can offset that somewhat by using different variations of a given texture, and by adding decorations.
2. Use buildings or rock walls to create obstructions to the player's view, so that limited parts of the big, open area are visible at any given time.
3. Use Visplane Explorer to periodically check if your open area is approaching the visplane limit.

If you're using a limit-removing source port, you can ignore the points listed above.

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