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Prime Directive (Space Station Omega 2) SECOND PUBLIC PRE-ALPHA!

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And it's obtainable from this location.

THIS REQUIRES A CURRENT SVN BUILD OF GZDOOM (obtainable from here if you've not done it before)

It's been a while since the last pre-alpha release. What's different this time?
  • Everything's open. Incomplete, but open. Still, it's possible to "complete" the gameplay part in this build.
  • This is the first public build in which the new demon weapon is available (obtainable from the Hell level in the video).
  • There's a decent bit of polish in some previously-accessible areas.
  • VENTY!
  • MD3 grabbag.
  • Voxels! In GZDoom! You maniac!
  • Gameplay examples of my moving 3D floor trick.
  • Well-hidden impse.
  • More unbalanced marines than you can poke a BFG at. Because there is no BFG in this mod.
As the entire mod is now open, you may find the need to noclip out of one or two areas.

General feedback would be good, but as always I'm mainly trying to get the marine balance right. If they seem unfair at any point, tell me. There's probably quite a bit of balancing required for the demon weapon too, so feedback on that (and the "trials" you need to go through to increase its power) is also appreciated.

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