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Any plans for a Cheogsh 4?

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Just a shout out, wondering whether or not the concept for Cheogsh 4 has been considered by Shadowman. The Cheogsh series is quite frankly, probably the best series of any doom series of wads I've ever played. SUCH QUALITY :)

Anyway, I'm sure if the notion is considered, it's probably a long time coming, but I have no doubt it would be worth the wait :)

Cheogsh 2 is absolutely amazing, and Cheogsh 3 was a very appropriate successor :)

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See, I'm of the camp that Cheogsh was very good and cool, Cheogsh 2 was tolerable, but a bit cheap at times, and Cheogsh 3 tipped the crap scale and was almost unplayably bad to me.

If there is a Cheogsh 4 coming, I hope it's more like the first one than the sequels.

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Yeah, whether Shadowman openly stated so or not, those shots definitely smack of Cheogsh. Another entry in the series certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Cheogsh 2 was certainly my favorite of the three, by no small margin. It did have some sections that hearkened back to the openly obtuse nature of a bygone era of gaming (e.g. the maze in New City of the Damned that requires you to understand and carefully watch for two-sided silent teleport lines), but it had a palpable sense of progression and adventure to it, and those are the things that the Cheogsh series did best, as opposed to supplying a lot of nuanced combat or the like. The greater visual/aesthetic/thematic fidelity of Cheogsh 3 was certainly a plus, but its combat was no more interesting and it progressed in a more 'on-rails' sort of way, although I did like the bosses. The original, well....to be frank, I found it more "interesting" than actually "fun" for the majority of its duration.

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Yeah, see, I am of an opinion that greatly resembles yours, Demon of the Well, although I probably like 3 a bit more than you do. I really enjoy the sense of adventure and aesthetics Shadowman puts into his levels.

Everybody is different, but I cherish games with fantastic atmosphere. Wads like "Hell Ground", "Unloved", or "UTNT" are so enjoyable to me because I can get lost in the environment and really take it seriously.

Back to Cheogsh, though, as much as I love playing Cheogsh 3 (and the fantastic bosses therein, though, why was the first one the coolest?), I suppose Cheogsh 2 is really the better game. At times, that game makes me feel like I'm playing one of those old really solid rpgs from many years past or something, only with a much better battle interface :)

Indeed those "two-sided silent teleport lines" are not really fair, since one of them is required to proceed with the game. I'll admit they 'honestly' shouldn't be in there, but once you know that they are and how to deal with them, the personal experience suffers none by this, so I keep replaying it over and over again as I replay my favorite wads :)

Lastly, could anybody be so kind as to tell me what the treasury key and the 4 pillar secrets in "New City of the Damned" are all about? Are they related? I know the secrets have something to do with the last boss, but if anyone out there knows a detailed explanation of this, it would be much appreciated. I always get the treasury key and some of the secrets but I've never gotten all 4.

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Memfis said:

Man, what does he mean it isn't going anywhere? Just look at these screenshots! Oh, Shadowman, if you're out there, please finish this! It seems that no one can present the atmosphere that you can (sorry, personal opinion).

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Glad that you do remember Cheogsh series. Unfortunately, at this time I have a lot of work and very small amount of free time to make such maps.
As for those screens... they're depicting that map, from which everything has begun! It's an unfinished map for currently abandoned RDCP (Russian Doom Community Project), which they tried to make, IIRC, in 2006. It was exactly then, when I developed which entered later into Cheogsh series. On those screens you can even see a prototype of Temple of Seth's altar from Cheogsh 2, as well as Cheogsh 1's tavern prototype. I won't promise anything in advance, but the fact itself, that there are people waiting for the 4-th chapter of Cheogsh, pleases me. Well, who knows, maybe we will see such map again some day, some time. Not Cheogsh 4 (at this time it's something very hard for me to do at all), but a prequel, or some sort of a spin-off...

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