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5till L1 Complex weapons

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Ok, so I've recently played Object 34:Sonar and pretty much enjoyed it, in spite of it's flaws (it gave me a feeling of being incomplete, for some reason...the drafts still left in the level kind of confirm that too, and the lack of a real boss was noticeable). I decided to play 5till L1 since I saw on the Cacoward page it's supposed to be better (though I WILL miss the beautiful parts of machinery...always moving in perfect harmony).

Anyway, as soon as I start up the wad, I notice a huge problem:the horrendeous, stupid looking weapons from Sacrament. I tried lauching it with Perkristian's pack but that didn't fix it completely. Can anyone help me get rid of the new sprites? If you could post a "fixed" version that would be fantastic, but if not, please tell me how to do it myself. Any help is much appreciated, as the new graphics will probably detract from the beautiful experience I am sure this wad is.

TL;DR:Can anyone help me get rid of the fugly weapon sprites?

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Open the wad in XWE, go to "Sprites" and delete the ones you don't like.

Next poster will probably recommend using Slade instead of XWE but actually with XWE it's easier to do because you can make it display sprites and nothing else.

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Thank you very much my friend! I used slade since I didn't have XWE and it wasn't difficult, all of the weapon sprites were clumped together. I then executed a "test drive" and the new sprites were gone, replaced by the good ol' original Doom goodies. You were of great help.

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