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An annoying problem I'm experiencing with db2

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Sometimes when I build a map and I wanna run it and see how it looks it loads my source port but instead of my map I see the original map from doom 2 with my map's music and the sky of the texture pack.

For example: if I'm building map 12 so once I press on "Test Map" I'll see "The Factory" instead of my map, with a different sky&music and I have no idea why it happens.
edit: For some reason "play test" works even if I don't have a player start and the same problem happens.

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I've tested two maps on db2, once works great and map 12 doesn't work.
The resources are the same (the doom2 wad in It's location), the test map's application is gzdoom and I guess that what you mean is this:
-iwad "%WP" -skill "%S" -file "%AP" "%F" -warp %L1 %L2 %NM
It also appears in the maps that wrks without any problems.

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