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Doom WAD "relics" you have

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There are several WAD files that was lost in the storm of history and a lot more that is still very hard to find.

Which is the most unique/rarest WAD you have? Does it have a story or something? Tell it to us!

My rarest WAD is Gateway 2000, but it was posted not so long ago here so it wasn't hard to get.

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DOOM 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari, a really crazy DOOM 1.2 hack from 1994, with all maps and most sprites/sounds/messages changed. The doomworld.com/idgames/?id=14529]"legalized" version on /idgames is slightly different. Jive's version on doomwadstation is a bit closer to the original, but he also tried to improve some things. Anyway the original is still out there on some sites, I won't mention links here though.

Edit: lots of info and some pics here:

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