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MIDI editing question

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Hey guys, I wanna make some MIDIs for Doom and make some basic levels, I'm using Anvil Studio so hopefully the MIDI I make with it will work within Doom.

I'm wondering about tracks within the MIDI file. At the moment I have a track for bass, then a track for drums, track for guitar etc. Just wondering if Doom has a limit of how many tracks it will play within one MIDI?

I'm assuming probably not, but I know nothing about how sound works and older games had some limitations. Thanks for any help.

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Any MIDI editing program you use will work in DooM, you will not however have the ability to use MIDI events if you're using the free version of Anvil Studio, but that doesn't mean the MIDI will not work in DooM. MIDI can only support 16 different tracks, anything above will simply not be played.

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Doom itself has a size limitation on MIDI files, but it's a bit fuzzy. (It converts the MIDI to a different format internally, which is more compact, but cannot exceed 65535 bytes). Generally a MIDI file of less than 90 kilobytes should be okay.

Source ports generally play MIDI files directly with modern libraries such as SDL or FMOD, or with MIDI synthesizers like FluidSynth, and therefore do not have any such limitations.

ZDoom will ignore any sysex, though.

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