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The Doomist

Making Sliding Doors?

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Using ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) I want to create 2 doors that slide away from each other,to represent elevator doors. I created the "dummy" sector, start and anchor things, gave them polyobj codes which connect to each other, but when executed, ZDoom gives me an error. I want to upload the map for you guys to see(I'm not sure I said everything.), so it makes it easier for the both of us. But, I don't know which site to use, and how. Never uploaded anything. I will edit this message if I upload it.

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I've managed to get the sliding door to work, but I'm having problems assigning a sound to it. I've read that the sound is contained in a SNDINFO lump file, but I don't even know where to start. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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you need a SNDINFO.txt and a SNDSEQ.txt in your wad / in your root directory (if you are using a pk3).

SNDINFO.txt contents, note that DSSTNMOV is the floor lower sound, which i use for my sliding doors.

nameofyourchoice	DSSTNMOV
SNDSEQ.txt contents. you can name "SLIDEDOOR" anything you like, just remember the name if you want to trigger it with a script or something.
	door		1
	playrepeat 	nameofyourchoice
now set the polyobj sound to 1 and it should work.

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