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File merge problem

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I have a question concerning the merging of add on files that are added to your Doom map file. Specifically, any monster, weapon, item etc that you can download from Realm667.

To start, I guess I should say my pc has Windows Vista Ultimate as an OS and I use slumped_07 for my wad merging tool. For the life of me I can't get Slade or XWE to load without getting errors that make those programs not work. However, slumped_07 works fine.

Anyway,I can download any of the files from Realm667 and using slumped, I can merge them in my map file and everything works. So no problem there.

My problem is that I have merged so many of these files that the lump file that opens on the left side of slumped when you open it up, is jammed pack full of these files so it takes forever to scroll down the list and it's near impossible to discern one file from the next. Frankly, it just looks like a big mess.

My question is this, is there a way to merge these files so that each file is in a neat section of it's own so that I can still access them and leave the opening screen of slumped looking neat and clean of clutter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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The best approach to keep everything nicely organized is to use pk3.

There are some good examples on REALM667:

For example The Refinery shows this off. It's not that large, so the
time to download should be minimal. Or Stronghold, but that is a
whopping 250MB.

One thing which the ZDoom WIKI page does not show, is that DECORATE
actors should be kept in a directory called actors.

While I think of it:
The entries in the actors directory are defined in a DECORATE.txt lump with the include directive:

#include "actors/monsters/name.txt"
#include "actors/weapons/name.txt"
#include "actors/sfx/name.txt"

or however you want to break down the actors into specific categories.

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