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FreeDM - Fix & Updates

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Hi, I have edited most of FreeDM maps to fix some errors and increase the details of the map it have caused some slight gameplay changes but i hope of everyone like of edit.

Four maps screenshots:

Download of the maps here: (all maps in a zip!)

There is a file called "FreeDMStrings.wad" this is for advanced ports.
That is the maps altered DM01-06, DM08-14, DM21, DM27

The "FreeDMStrings.wad"!
That is a file to REPLACE FreeDM dehacked but that need of some improvements ex: my language is horryble, and some not done, and this is a old dehacked version (Green armor reference).

Anyway that give to advanced ports obtuares like:
"killedplayer" was crumbled away by "Killer" SKAG Ball Hazard.
"killedplayer" went POOW by "Killer" Missile Launcher.

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