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System Shock Doom

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I've been playing the classic System Shock games lately and was interested in how a TC to the ZDoom engine could work. So I downloaded a SS texture wad and began some work. In about 4-5 hours I made a small sample that could implement all the basic features (doors and such) but I have some base issues.
-single line doors that use sprites instead of moving sectors.
-3d objects
-activating a 3d bridge
-changing the player's size from 64x64 to 128x128

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?iyceyadc5clkr34

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- Not entirely sure that 'sprite-based' (AFAIK they'd actually be textures) doors are possible in ZDoom; the Wolf3D TC for example also uses polyobjects instead of a sliding texture. It might be possible, but I've never looked into it.

- 3D objects (I assume you mean models) would require GZDoom, etc.. You could use voxel objects in the software renderer, but good luck finding/creating them.

- Activating a 3D bridge is very easy, provided it's moving on the z-axis only; just have the trigger manipulate the dummy sector's ceiling/floor heights. You will likely have to resort to some sort of ACS trickery depending on just how complex you want the action to be (and certainly for any pseudo-movement on the x/y axes).

- Changing the player properties can be done via DECORATE and player classes.

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You could also use animated doors.

For using actual sprites, you could play with a custom actor's activation, making a switchable decoration that is closed when active and open when inactive, or vice-versa as seems the most appropriate. Give it the USESPECIAL flag and the THINGSPEC_Switch activation, and use A_SetSolid in the "closed" state and A_UnsetSolid in the "open" state.

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