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Untangle challenge

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Untangle challenge consists of two parts:

1. Untangle a level by moving its vertices. You can't move things, change properties of sectors, linedefs or things, merge sectors or vertices. You can only move vertices. The result should be a map with no sectors overlapping and Doom Builder's map checker shouldn't find any errors or give any warnings (so the monsters can't be stuck in walls, for example). Turn AutoStitch off in Doom Builder so that you don't accidentally merge some vertices.
2. Exit the resulting map with all monsters dead (excluding lost souls) as fast as you can and provide a Doom 2 compatible demo to prove your time (and of course you have to post your map as well so we can watch the demo).

If you aren't into speedrunning and stuff, try the first part of the challenge anyway. And you can time it too if you want.

Have fun!

(click on this image to download the map)

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heh, well here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/?auztt4xx3v19lv2

doombuilder says no errors, but I still cheesed my way through (gotta love cl2 trapping AVs on ledges). In the demo I really didn't care about time, especially considering there is no way to exit the map (as far as I can tell), so I just dicked around and killed everything.

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there is a death exit sector, I guess I should have mentioned that
and you can still edit your map after you untangled it to get a better time
nice work =)

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Ribbiks said:

especially considering there is no way to exit the map (as far as I can tell)

It depends.

There is a platform that is only 16 px lower than exit.

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After playing around with this I think this is a cool idea but what you've provided us with is too restrictive. The exit sector is tall and the only way to get to it without an archvile jump is by moving together sectors that are placed on opposite sides of the untangled map. Combine this with archvile monsters and no real way to provide meaningful cover and you end up with a template that is so restrictive that you can't really do anything interesting, short of disabling the archviles by trapping them on ledges. I would not be surprised if the majority of maps created basically play the same. Give us some void space and more vertices to work with so we can make something beyond a single large room.

Also no inescapable lava sectors next time please, or at the very least, please make them damaging so you don't just get stuck inside them :)

Great idea, flawed execution. Sorry dude.

Anyway here is my map and demo.


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I know, I spent like 5 minutes on creating the wad. :) Was too lazy to think what would make a good base for this. I think I was inpired by the magic of XWE btw. And here is the original map I made, before I fucked it up, if you're curious. It proves that you don't necessarily have to make the AVs stuck.

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