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how do i make enemies spawn at a certain time in a map?

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no the subject of the post does not say it all.

do you mean monsters teleporting somewhere, silent-teleporting somewhere, being created out of the blue? What port is the map intended for?

By certain time do you mean when the player triggers something, or arbitrarily 5 minutes after the map begins or something?

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My bad ** as in, the player walks into a room, and monsters suddenly spawn Behind them. Example the tnt map, the mill

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IIRC, that's usually done by having a dummy sector outside the map with all the monsters inside it. Inside this dummy sector, there is a teleport line that puts the monsters where you want them to go. However, there should be a closed door or raised floor in the dummy sector, which prevents the monsters from reaching that teleport. The idea is that you have a linedef that opens the door/lowers the floor when the player runs over it, causing the monsters to reach the teleport line and warp into the room as desired.

The sector must be joined with an in-map sector near where a fight, no matter how small, is guaranteed to happen - the noise of the player firing their weapons will wake up the monsters in the joined dummy sector. If you don't do this, the monsters will never wake up, and they'll never walk over to the teleport. If this is a Boom port, you can use conveyor belts to nudge them into the teleport if you so desire. Alternatively, have a really long, really small sector between an area where a fight will occur and the dummy sector, and the sound will travel over that, removing the need for joined sectors - id does this approach a few times (I believe there's a Pinky trap in Suburbs, near a sort-of spiral staircase).

Make sense?

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