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[oldschool DM] Foul Play

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This is by far THE fastest map I've ever made, from start to completion, tallying at just over 3-ish hours over 2 days. I'm trying to focus on a better layout rather than over detail, so I'm trying my own "classic" style, so to say. Anyways, enjoy the map:

Mode: Deathmatch
Players: <8
Compat: Boom
Port: Any (No special effects)
Notes: Jumping is not recommended, but it doesn't matter. Any more than 8 players and it becomes too cramped to manuever.

Screenshots (don't mind the high gamma):


All feedback is appreciated!

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I like the layout - especially the reasonably unobtrusive use of pillars - and the texturing/detailing strikes a very nice balance.

There are a few key areas where the wall pillars or terminals present a snagging danger, so perhaps either push them in/pull them out, or play with impassable lines.

It's possible, strafe-running, to catch oneself on the door in both directions, so maybe move the trigger lines back slightly.

Playing with bots, it seems the action has a tendency to coalesce around the central area (sector 1), and so - although you have a nice asymmetrical layout - the gameplay became a little repetitive (although obviously this was with bots). You could fix this by playing with the respawn points. At the moment, with their position and angle, many of them draw the players into that central area, so you could balance it by putting some in or around that area, facing out.

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Thank you for the feedback, durian.

I've made several changes as follows:

*fixed exit door
*made computer terminals impassable (to prevent snagging)
*moved back door walkover trigger lines
*extended back cavern areas slightly
*modified spawn spots
*fixed bad spawn
*extended plasma tunnel and swapped it out for a bfg (you take about 40-50 damage going for it)
*other minor changes
*added mapinfo and midi

I'm ready to uplaod to idGames, so expect a new link soon :D

Temp mediafire link

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