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Secrets List

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A frequent recurring thing with freedoom threads seems to be people who can't find secrets. Yeah, I'll admit they have this pesky tendency to happen quite a lot with my own maps ... heh, but still - eventually, we'll probably want to have a secrets list available to help players out (not to mention so the levels can eventually be featured on map pages at e.g. doomwiki that are more than just blank-form stubs). It also serves as an ongoing check to make sure there aren't any technical problems WRT the accessibility of secrets in the maps (so many megawads having actually gone to release with inaccessible secrets in multiple maps).

Following is the complete list of secrets for my maps (EDIT: Have installed Eureka, sector numbers now included :)); feel free to add more info to this (we should probably stick to levels where the level architecture has been essentially completed, of course).

As with doomwiki, I'm listing these in roughly the order that you encounter them while progressing through the map normally.


MAP05: (11 secrets)
Secret Sector Numbers: 17, 58, 139, 159, 162, 190, 205, 207, 216, 222, 224
1. In the starting room, the northern and southern walls have exposed circuitry. The southern wall can be opened to obtain a Soul Sphere (sector #17).
2. In the "road" area outside the starting room, there is a bridge over a pit of brown slime. Jumping off the bridge to the left (west) leads to a brown damaging pit, and further west is a small room with a teleporter leading to the secret ledge (sector #224) on the southeast side of the road, containing ammo, a backpack, and a light amp visor.
3. A ledge leads around the outside of the large building at the southern side of the map. At the south side of the building is a small alcove which contains a computer map, this alcove (sector #207) counts as a secret.
4. The cubby within the southeasternmost outdoor pillar that contains combat armour (sector #222) counts as a secret.
5. Inside the large southern building, behind the structure that contains the blue key, the wall can be opened to reveal a room (sector #205) with a blur artifact and a rocket.
6. The wall with blue security markings in the southern building, leading back into the sewer, is a door (sector #190) that counts as a secret. It requires the blue key to open.
7. In the corridor north of secret #6, south of the intersection, there are four techlamps in alcoves on the way to the intersection. Three of them blink normally, but the southeastern one pulsates rapidly. Push on this lamp to be teleported to the word DOOM on the automap, where resides a large amount of health and ammo, as well as a chainsaw (sector #216). The red teleport in this room leads back to the westernmost imp alcove within the sewers.
8. In the corridor north of secret #6, north of the intersection, the imp/radsuit alcove has its light panel on the side, rather than the back. This is because the back of the alcove is a secret door, leading to a short corridor (sector #162) with a backpack.
9. The back end of secret #8 is also a secret door, leading to a room (sector #159) with ammunition and a Soul Sphere atop a teleporter.
10. Taking the Soul Sphere in secret #9 teleports you to the short corridor in the north between the two sets of non openable silver bars. To the north is an alcove (sector #139) that counts as a secret, containing two boxes of rockets and a switch that when triggered teleports you back to the westernmost imp alcove in the sewers.
11. In the corridor north of secret #6, north of the intersection, there is another techlamp that rapidly pulsates rather than blinking calmly like the others. Press this techlamp. Later on, after obtaining the yellow key, you may return outside to the road, where part of the rock wall has dropped away revealing a skull switch. This skull switch allows you to lower the nearby pillar (sector #58) and obtain the rocket launcher.

MAP21: (4 secrets)
Secret Sector Numbers: 52, 64, 65, 67
1. As you pass from the dark cavern corridor in the southeastern part of the map into the room with the teleporter, a lift will lower. Quickly enter the teleporter and go behind the octagonal structure to catch the lift (sector #65), which holds a megasphere. If you fail, you'll need to return to the corridor to try again. Additionally, if you want secret #4, ensure that you press the skull switch in this area.
2. When you press the southeastern switch in the northern room with the cyberdemon, in addition to revealing the switch in the starting room that lowers the teleporter to the exit, a secret alcove is opened in the wall alongside the ledge leading to the southeastern corridor. This alcove (sector #67) contains a chainsaw, as well as a skull switch important to obtaining secret #4.
3. When you press the southwestern switch in the northern room with the cyberdemon, in addition to opening the silver bar in the exit building, a secret alcove is opened in the wall in the southern teleporter cavern. This alcove (sector #64) contains a backpack, as well as the third of the skull switches important to obtaining secret #4. Note that the alcove opens at the same place where the switch mentioned above in connection with secret #1 is - if you haven't pushed it yet, you'll have to push the air to find the switch now!
4. After pushing all three of the skull switches noted above, return to the northernmost room where you encounter the cyberdemon. A passage should be open in the back of the cyberdemon's alcove, so hit the switch next to the teleporter and ride the lift up to use the teleporter, which will take you to the Hell Knight platform (sector #52) where you can obtain a berserk, Soul Sphere, combat armour, and a BFG-9000.

MAP27: (15 secrets)
Secret Sector Numbers: 10, 15, 28, 50, 51, 52, 94, 118, 133, 205, 221, 253, 299, 317, 338
1. At the southern end of the start room (behind the closed exit teleporter) is a recess in the wall, which is a secret door leading to a chainsaw (sector #10).
2. After pressing the first switch in the mine area, in the western corridor the wood on one of the northern mine struts is scratched. Press on this scratched area and a nearby strut will lower revealing a backpack (sector #15).
3. After teleporting for the first time and heading east into the room with two doors and two electronic walls, enter the north door. To the north of the western crusher is a hidden lift containing a computer map (sector #133).
4. After flipping both switches in the computer room south of the crates, return to the corridor and enter the C-shaped corridor to the east (from whence the newly released monsters came). There is a single electronic wall in the back, press on it to lower it and reveal a secret alcove with a Soul Sphere and a switch (sector #118).
5. After you flip the switch in secret #4, teleport to the first (mines) section of the map. In the eastern corridor there is now an alcove open at the south end of the eastern corridor, containing a box of rockets and a blue key (sector #28).
6. After obtaining the blue key in secret #5, the switch at the beginning teleport section of the river area can be operated. It opens the nearby silver teleporter, leading to the southwestern corner of the centre arena with a combat armour, medikit and health bonuses (sector #52).
7. After raising the waterfall stairs in the river area, run through the northern cave corridor, triggering a lift to lower in the room at the top of the waterfall, and quickly go up the stairs and to the lowered lift to obtain a megasphere (sector #205). If you fail, the trigger to try again is located within that cave corridor (the final one just before climbing the water stairs).
8. Near the teleporter in the river that leads back to the beginning of this section, one of the rock walls in the southwestern corner is a slightly different colour from the others. This rock wall can be lowered, revealing a long, dark corridor full of medikits that leads to a lift. At the top of the lift is a ledge with two large plasma cells (which counts as the secret, sector #221), as well as a switch.
9. After you flip the switch in secret #8, teleport to the second (tech base) section of the map. In the southwestern corner of the teleporter room, a door has opened with a secret corridor (sector #94) that leads to a small water area with a yellow key.
10. In the northern lava cavern, there is a passage at lava level in the southern rocky structure leading to a backpack and a conspicuously textured wall, which can be lowered to reveal a secret alcove containing a switch (sector #299).
11. At the western end of the southern lava cavern is a door, which can be opened if you obtained the yellow key at secret #9. Behind it is a teleporter, which leads to the northwestern ledge of the centre arena (sector #50), containing a medikit, two armour bonuses and a super shotgun.
12. In the southeastern octagonal structure in the lava area, the eastern corridor contains two switches. The nearer one (just across the jump from the staircase) lowers a lift in the southern part of the same building, leading to a secret room (sector #338) with an invulnerability and another switch. If the lift closes behind you, press on the scratched wooden wall to get out.
13. The southern platform in the lava area with the megasphere (sector #317) counts as a secret. To get there, you can either strafejump from the southern ledges (the switch in secret #12 raises the ledge that leads there) or you can have the nearby arch-vile jump you up onto the platform from the lava.
14. After you flip the switch in secret #10, teleport to the third (river) section of the map. In the eastern poisonous sludge room, the wooden door will now be open (sector #253), allowing passage to a red keycard and large plasma cell. Careful, the platform will sink into the lava when you take the card.
15. After obtaining the red key in secret #14, teleport to the second (tech base) section of the map, where you can finally open the red door in the teleporter room. This reveals a teleporter to the northeastern ledge in the centre arena (sector #51), containing a medikit, two armour bonuses, and a BFG-9000.
* Not a secret, but if you're wondering about the hidden alcove in the northwestern part of the centre arena, which shows up on the computer map, this area is not accessible in single player or coop. It is exclusively to provide an exit in deathmatch, which is restricted to the arena area. Other than this exit, there are no objects of note within this alcove.

MAP29: (5 secrets)
Secret Sector Numbers: 9, 31, 39, 56, 85
1. After entering the first wooden building and riding the lift up (that allows you to jump to the teleporter), instead jump out the southern window onto the rocky ledge. Follow it to the end and around the pillar, on the opposite side of which is a niche (sector #31) containing a blur sphere.
2. After obtaining the blue key and teleporting, at the end of the rocky ledge there is a switch that raises access to the red key. Carefully make your way around this switch to find another switch on the back, which raises access to the southern teleporter pillar in the same area. This teleporter leads to the northwestern corner of the level, where part of the lava (sector #39) does not burn and instead counts as a secret, containing goodies.
3. Near the red key is a large square building. The western side only of this building can initially be opened, leading to the interior (sector #85) which is a secret area. Entering the secret causes the door to close and the walls in the corners of the room to lower; to get out, either take the teleporter to secret #4 or flip the skull switch in the northeast corner to open all four doors.
4. After the walls lower in secret #3, part of the southern wall in the southwestern corner has noticeably less blood on it than the other walls. Press it to lower the large teleporter in the centre of the room, which leads to a hidden area (sector #9) inside the exit pit, containing goodies. The teleporter here leads back to the start of the level.
5. After you teleport to the large platform with the switch that lowers the yellow key pillar, you can jump back to the teleporter platform that originally took you to the blue key. However, entering the teleporter from this side instead takes you to the cubby at the south end of the map (sector #56), which is a secret containing a chainsaw and other goodies.

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This style of hints allows the player to selectively get only as much help as needed without spoiling the adventure.

Map09 Ver 11, Hints and Secrets
(3 Secrets)

1. The mine keeps weapons locked (W) in two rooms.
2. In a corner of vehicle maintenance, may find (N) (Easy,Med).
3. The servicing pit may have (M) (Med,Hard).
4. A supervisor lost (X) in the newest mine pit. The supervisor is in front of the (D).
5. In the offices, the secretary has (V) in a wall safe.
6. The Manager has (W) in (A).
7. Visible in the northern caves is a secret (L). Look where water flowed.
8. It is a tight squeeze in the northern caves to find secret (E). Climb up to (B) and look west.
9. The mine foreman had (Y). He had it in (C).
10. Follow the pump pipe in the air shaft to find (F).
Beware the mine runoff, it burns.
11. Green water may be dangerous, but some dirty water may also be healthy.
12. On a desk sits (U), water all around.
13. The conference room has been turned into a lair.
It has (N). It also has a secret, with (Z).
14. (T) is safely above the water, you are not. You must get wet again.
15. The dirty water has flooded the water purifiers too. Step into a serviceway leading to the tanks, find (L).

A. Rolldown cabinet
B. Dark crack
C. Old mine control room
D. Loader (machine)
E. Berserk health
F. Pack
L. Supercharge
M. Supershotgun
N. Invisibility
T. Blue Skull key
U. Yellow Skull key
V. Map
W. Blue key
X. Yellow key
Y. Red key
Z. Megaarmor

Map13 Ver 2.8, Hints and Secrets
(4 Secrets)

1. Shooting off guns outside in the city must be illegal. It sure attracts attention. Shooting off guns indoors is just plain dangerous. Monsters are really stupid sometimes.
2. Must hop over the rad-ooze, twice, to reach secret (M).
Wear a suit.
3. Go diving in the big tank of rad-ooze. Find what got dropped in.
4. The barrel crusher is the latest model with 5 independent crushing elements. It has two speeds, independent crush controls, and an emergency stop. It will crush players, and monsters too.
5. The pit of crushed barrels can be raised and lowered from the control room. An escape switch is near the motor.
6. Conveyors can move left and right, 4 speeds.
7. Manager has (X) in his office. Look on (A), (F), and (C).
8. Maintenance uses (Y). Try the locker (D) in the electrical room. There may be spares too.
9. Go to the end of the air ducts for a secret (V).
10. The (W) up high requires an air duct trip to reach (Med).
11. The communication equipment racks are in a back room.
A secret cache (U) there takes three keys to open.
12. The changing room has lockers with various secret items inside.
13. The upper barrel repository has (R).
14. The guard room has an emergency switch (E), and a spare key.
15. The lab with the big square test rig has (N) or (I).
16. If the warehouse is too dark, turn on the lights (B).
17. In the secure lab, or the secure security room, is (T).
18. The secure lab door does not open from the inside. It opens from the secure security room. The service tunnels have a maintenance hatch (Y), or you could hot wire the door (G).
19. The cabinets in the locked teleport test room, has (S), and (O). Takes three keys to get in, or you could teleport.

A. Floor
B. Wall switch by door
C. File cabinet
D. Key locker in east Wall
E. Closes security door
F. Desk
G. Exposed wiring over the crate.
I. Megasphere
M. Supercharge
N. Invulnerability
O. Invisibility
R. Blue Skull key
S. Yellow Skull key
T. Red Skull key
U. Map
V. Pack
W. Red key
X. Blue key
Y. Yellow key

Map19 Ver 1.3, Hints and Secrets
(4 Secrets)

1. There is a switch in the little graveyard. It raises some stairs.
2. The tower teleports operate as stairs into the towers.
3. Little posts rise when you use the tower teleports.
4. Each tower has a key. You need these keys to open doors between the towers, and the dungeons.
5. The blue tower has a secret door (A).
6. There is a secret passage to the river tower. Enter (G) using (R).
7. The river tower has a switch which lowers the central courtyard pillar. Gives access to (J).
8. The river tower has better weapons and (K).
9. In the excavated tunnel near the small grill, there is a descending niche to the right.
10. The cable lift hides passages to the left and right.
11. The small room visible through the opening at the top of the lift is entered at the bottom of the lift.
12. At the top of the cable lift is a switch that opens a passage at the bottom of the cable lift. Shoot the backside of the covering door (C) to open it and gain access to the switch.
13. A room with some loose stone blocks has a wall niche that opens. A lever in the cable lift passage lowers the floor, which also exposes a switch that opens the wall.
14. The obvious switch on the pillar opens a door from (B) to (F). You may not want it open yet.
15. The last of the curved walls (E) has a door to a secret chamber with (L).
16. The dungeon cage has a door to the side.
17. In the room with the burning barrel, walk out the east door and then run back to the shadowed corner. The door will not stay open long.
18. The last room with a window to (B) has a secret passage to (F), which has (I), and a door to (B).
19. There is (L) in a cage between two lava streams. A small door next to the lava stream enters a short maze leading to it.

A. Panel wall
B. Central monster chamber
C. From the little room side
E. Without stairs
F. Rough cache room
G. Back wall of secret room
I. Map
J. Supercharge
K. Megaarmor
L. Megasphere
R. Yellow key

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