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Church of Slaughter - Vanilla Doom map

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This is my first time at making a non-zdoom map.
This map was intended to be submitted for DTWID. But I lost the interest and gave up on this. Now, I decided to finish it.

Unlike the original concept, it has Doom 2 monsters and weapons, but it retains a mid E3 hellish theme. The map has a very organic architecture with an oldschool feeling, and there are multiple routes to reach your objectives. (for example, to get the first key, you can choose between 3 different routes)


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:((( Why did you do this?

I see some door in lava so of course I jump down to open it but whoops! Can't do that. And the only teleporter is on the other side of the area so I'm dead basically. That is so not nice.

Also, minor visual glitches:
[1] - this texture shouldn't be here I guess.
[2] - misalignment.
[3] - big slime trail.

btw did you really test this in Chocolate Doom? There is a zero tagged lift (linedef 1235) that will probably crash the game when pressed. (in classic ports tag 0 on a line with SR action means that it is applied to EVERY non-tagged sector, and I think you can't have more than 25 or so moving sectors at the same time in vanilla)

And one suggestion: consider making some doors D1 instead of DR. It's quite annoying when you have to reopen the same door multiple times during the battle. Slows down the gameplay.

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Actually I just took a look around the map on Chocolate Doom to see if anything was missing. Didn't tested the elevator. All tests were made with Zdoom.

Thanks for your reports, Memfis. Gonna fix this map soon.

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I liked your map, at times, it felt as if I was playing DooM I again. :)


I do however feel that the Archviles at the end of the map are useless if the player wants them to be. You can run right passed them and exit the map just like the Cyberdemon in MAP29 of DooM II.

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