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2x upscale items/weapons mod help

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C:\Games\Doom\gzdoom.exe -iwad doom1.wad -file 2xBRh.pk3 2xBRh-doom1.pk3 DoomHDv03.pk3 jdtp.pk3

So I've been using the Doom HD sprites and Jdoom texture pack. I added the 2x upscale items/weapons mod, but i'm afraid I'm out of my league with the command line. The items/weapons seem unchanged in-game.
Does 2x even work with the jdoom texture pack?


Including Files:
This is the main one, load this if you wanna play doom with the upscaled graphics.

2xBRh-*.pk3 (where * is d1, plut or tnt)
Add this to the one above if you're playing an iwad other than doom2.

Feel free to modify the pk3s. Every file has an easy folder layout, so if you only wanna have upscaled sprites for example, just delete the other folders.

Loading Order:
To avoid file redundancy the extra pk3 for the smooth und sprite fixing project are missing files which are already there in the main one. This requires a specific loading order, make sure you're using the files like this:

doom2.wad / doom.wad / plutonia.wad / tnt.wad
2xBRh-*.pk3 (if you're using an iwad other than doom2)

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Are my inquiries about doom textures and sprites useless? Or is it that most around here not experienced enough in regards to using two sprite resources at once? My other post about gzdoom was unanswered as well.

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Give us time, a few links to resources we mightn't necessarily have wouldn't go astray either.

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I couldn't find any sprite resources on doomworld. There's just tools and editors.

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