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General Rainbow Bacon

Time for another GRB speedmapping session

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Okay, so the speedmapping session will start today at 2:00 EST. I'll announce the theme right before we start. The rules are: 90 minutes to map/test/texture/eat sandwiches/invade Tonga/itchy feet

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Download Wretched Blood(MAP21). The aspect of Mt. Erebus that always stuck with me was the lava everywhere, keeping the player on dry land until they could find a radsuit or brave the fiery heat. I tried to make something with a similar theme, but it would up feeling much different to Erebus' open sandbox. Still unsure about the gameplay but at least it's beatable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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^ Interesting map. I feel like you captured the Erebus concept pretty well with a bunch of homage areas--I liked the fortress near the center. Unfortunately, since these things are speedmaps, the gameplay balance was loony with only 40-something enemies in this huge arena. Like the cybie at the end.

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