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General Rainbow Bacon

random speedmap

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Reminds me of something from the mid 90's mapping era. I liked the revenats coming out because it gave a nice challenge, the archviles/barons cornered me the first time but I zipped past them the second time around.

Really underdetailed, I don't understand the grey parts of the floor either. If this was going for nostalgic doom mapping, you got it spot on - Some borders, lighting and other prettification would have made the 6ish minutes i spent there a lot more interesting, but your layout is nice.

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Yeah, I tend to make nostalgic maps, they're the kind i like to play the most.

I also don't have time to make gigantic super detailed maps either so stuff with good gameplay and almost no detail (some I've made have detail: map 24 slaughterfest 2012) seem to be fine for a good romp.

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