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Can I use WadC without the IDE?

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It seems that WadC is a Java application that produces a window with a text editor on the left and a preview on the right. Unfortunately the interface has very few commands. Notably, I didn't find undo.

I'd like to use my favourite text editor for coding and terminal for commands for this sort of thing. Is there a way to launch the WadC compiler from the command-line on the input text file?

EDIT: I guess I can paste text from the third-party text editor into WadC's editor, then hit command-r.

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I don't think you can Printz.

I'll dob in Greyghost who has had a bit of experience using it IIRC :p maybe he knows?

What are you looking to do/make with it? (WadC)

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Eternity maps with portals and complex but regular 3D structures. Or GZDoom maps with very many 3D floors. May be easier than doing it manually with Doom Builder.

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