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Star Trek - Into Darkness (possible Spoilers)

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So its been a couple weeks since Star Trek - Into Darkness has been released....well for the UK anyway.

So there must be some fans here im guessing......?

So who has seen it and what did they think?

Personally I stayed away from too much info before watching it, only saw 2 trailers. Went into the showing with an open mind.....oh, I loved the first one by the way :)

Anyway, so after the credits started rolling I can honest say I enjoyed the whole movie. There was a couple slightly cheesy bits near the end....sort of playing tribute to the original movie, but overall a very fun movie.

Yea you can break the plot apart and look for holes etc....but it was entertaining, fun, action packed, emotional, funny at times and superb special effects.....what more do you want!

Guess if you didn't like the 2009 movie or anything to do with the re-boot, then your not going to like this one. Personally I love the reboot - yay

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Oh trust me, you don't need to look hard. Plot holes are abound this film. But regardless, I am a big fan of the reboot, and I saw this movie last week. I really liked the whole movie overall and I like the way JJ Abrams has taken the franchise. There was one bit in the movie where I felt like he cheated but otherwise I quite enjoyed it.

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Star Trek for the ADHD generation. I've only seen the first reboot, it was annoying just to look at. I like how the last 40 minutes of the film hammers you over the head with the 'plot' just to make sure the idiots in the room can follow basic sci-fi tripe like time travel. DONT IGNITE THAT RED MATTER! DONT IGNITE IT!!! IF IT IGNITES YOULL BE SORRY!!

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Yeah I haven't seen this new one yet either. I can't say I was too impressed by the first one, but then again I haven't been impressed with a star trek movie period, particularly the tng ones which are all godawful, and I'd consider myself a big tng nerd. Star trek and its themes just don't fit well as cinema material imo.

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Quast said:

Star trek and its themes just don't fit well as cinema material imo.

The philosophical/political/psychological/interesting themes in TNG weren't even present in the movies. They completely abandoned everything that made the TV series great, in the name of making half-assed action movies to make money. But I think Plinkett already covered this.

Star Trek (the reboot) suffers from the same thing. But at least they tried to make a good action film, even if it barely resembles Star Trek. Points should be awarded for effort.

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