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UAC Ultra 2?

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I never noticed there was a 2nd entry.. I can't say I'm surprised it got thrown into post hell with the discussion that took place in it.

Did it ever make to the archives or have another thread created that hopefully lacked the drama? Search yielded nothing for me.

Hell'd thread:

Putting aside that, anybody play it already and have thoughts on it?

Edit: Just realized that 40oz made a thread in the blogs about this.

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Apparently, a moderator got trigger happy after everyone else had already calmed down or moved on. Unless some sleazy jackass just kept pressing the report button sneakily. Who knows.

Edit: wait, there's no report option on these forums? Pretty cool, actually.

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r_init: getpostnumberforname: post not found!

Edited by Justince

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Urban Space Cowboy said:

It'd help if you linked it

It'd help if you linked that too

My apologies?.. I'll give you the blogs thread but the download thread was in the main thread which I did link to.

Anyway I think I'll give it a shot in Nightmare coop if I can find somebody to play with.

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I didn't upload it to /idgames because... well it's not finished.

It's only the first episode of a five episode megawad, and I released it as proof that the name isn't dead. And I'm glad I did as I've received a lot of mixed reactions, and would have been really disappointed to invest that much time into such a gigantic megawad only to receive a bunch of "its not what I thought it was going to be" reactions.

It still has to undergo some changes, seeing as now I have a musician to make music for it (I'll probably still release the music anyway as an alternate soundtrack) and there's still bugs to fix, and a huge list of people I need to credit.

Anyway, if you play it in Nightmare mode and you find it too difficult, playing it on cooperative on Nightmare mode doesn't change anything. If you don't like nightmare mode, but would like to play it on coop with extra monsters, play it on skill 3, 2, or 1 (if you want halfed damage and extra ammo)

The blog, of course, exposes some ideas I have to make UAC Ultra 2 a little more accessible to all players without compromising my individual set of level design goals. And with the help of some great minds, I was able to brainstorm some pretty baller ideas.

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It took me a while, but eventually I started to really like UACU2. Also 40, I sent an email to the address listed as yours in the UACU(1) text file, but I'm not sure if you got it.

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