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Thing_SetConversation vs. ConversationIDs?

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So I am just getting familiar with Strife dialogue & conversation in Doom in Hexen format maps in Doom Builder 2 (so bare with me), but thus far have been fairly successful in my incarnations.

But I have come upon a roadblock for which I have found no solution. It revolves around the use of ConversationIDs & attempting to control when a player can talk to an NPC about what.

It appears as if merely setting a particular ACTOR's property in DECORATE to a certain ConversationID makes one always able to go up to that player & engage in a dialogue, regardless of whether Thing_StartConversation is assigned to that NPC or not. But then it begs the question what is the point of Thing_StartConversation & Thing_SetConversation, & how are they implemented (their ZDoom wiki definitions are sparse of information)?

My Doom Builder 2 ACS scripting doesn't appear to work or be compatible with Thing_SetConversation, which seems to be the missing link to my problem. I'm essentially trying to create a work-around to avoid setting an ACTOR's property to a specific ConversationID so that I don't automatically engage in conversation with the NPC when I walk up to him. I want to be able to control at what point he is able to speak to me, but whenever I try to use Thing_SetConversation to assign a particular NPC with a particular TID to a particular convoID at a particular time, the ACS script complier says the function is "used but not defined".

Is there something I'm missing? Does anyone know how to actually incorporate Thing_SetConversation into a script?

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