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The good and bad of Master Levels

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I always thought Dr. Sleep, along with Mustaine's Paradox, were the best casual maps.

Sverre I always thought made good more puzzling maps for it.

Finally I always found Klie to be kind of boring. Other authors I'd say are sort of in between.

This thread is for all discussion. I think they are sometimes a bit under appreciated.

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While I like all the maps for their different styles and lack of shittiness, there are three maps in particular that I really have to be in the mood for if I ever play them:

- Black Tower
- Trapped On Titan

These two maps are long by 1995 standards, more so as somewhat 'official' maps. I'm not always in the mood to play a map for 20 or more minutes, especially if I'm already overly-familiar with it.

- The Express Elevator To Hell

Weirdly, it's my favourite map in the set but not one that I play often. The constant up/down/up/down/up thing isn't really the ideal way to just get into a map and blow everything up. And getting that secret exit is only possible via one method, and one which I loathe at that.

Again, they're fine maps. They just require me to want to play them specifically, and not just grab them randomly from the ML directory.

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Attack is the only map I really liked because it's a 'entryway+strange usermap' rip off for me.
A willits map if I remember correctly which guarantees solid craftsmanship.
Since I'll be dog sitting the whole day I'll dig out the old laptop and recheck the other "master" levels.

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