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Doom 3 Texture Project idea

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So while I was playing Doom 3, I noticed a lot of textures that would fit in WADs very nicely if edited correctly, I'm actually surprised no one did this before. We have Half Life textures, System Shock textures and Quake but no Doom 3.

I suggest having a look at all the Doom 3 textures and decide which ones would fit best in WADs. Of course, in their current state, they are too detailed for classic Doom and even if you lower the resolution they would stick out. After we choose the textures, someone skilled in Photoshop could make the necessary modifications so that they SEAMLESSLY integrate with Vanilla Doom textures and as many texture packs as possible.

Here are a few textures that could fit in classic Doom wonderfully:






If you have any other suggestions, please post.

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