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The Doomist

TrenchBroom can't find the Quake models or textures.

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Oh look, another Quake post! (Looking at you hardcore_gamer!) It seems like TrenchBroom can't find any models or textures when it starts up, and I REALLY wanna make Quake maps!

Help, anyone?

EDIT: Solved!

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The Doomist said:

Texture wad? You mean the PAK files? And where do I put them?

No, not a PAK file. A texture WAD.

I don't think it comes with the game, you need to download it seperately. I don't remember where I got mine, but it can't be too hard to just google it. Or someone else could post a link to one.

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A good texture wad I use is the QUAKE101.WAD.

After you have a texture wad of your choice, place it in Edit>Map Properties under the Texture Wads box by clicking the "+" button.

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