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mustafa saed

new edge1.27 features

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i wanted to try and make some levels for edge with the new line type
and sector features so i got the old doom2 ini file to work with edge that have the old edge line type 400 to 409 but when i went to
the edge site to copy the new line type and sector type it didnt
work! so i emailed marc pullen he said go to doomworld and post your problem! does anyone have the new doomcad doom2.ini file for
edge1.27 that have the new features in them? im using doomcad6.1.

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Sorry man but I can't help you out because I don't use Doomcad! However, wouldn't it be easier to do it yourself? I assume that this doom.ini file is something like what wadauthor uses, and sometimes I've edited that for my own purposes. I doubt it's so complicated to do.

I imagine it's just a question of opening up the doom.ini file in notepad, and then start going through the linedefs.ddf file, tweaking the doom.ini as you see fit.

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