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Any good editors for making Strife dialogue scripts?

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I tried to download both KSSC and USDC, none of the download links of those two worked, they were on the Zdoom wiki (the links)

If anyone knows any good editors for those scripts or has a download link of one of those two, can you please post it here?

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Does it work without bugs in vanilla? Last time I tried it (years ago) it would generate 6 choices even if you defined fewer.

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I removed the KSSC download links in october 2012 because they didn't work anymore. Where else on the ZDoom wiki have you seen links to it?

(I suppose Kaiser asked Ty to remove them because they were on the idgames archive.)

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TheNooBringeR said:

@Blzut3 np, btw when i try to start the .exe it immedialtely closes?

Whenever you see this happen, that means it's a command line application.

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