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The Doomist

How to lower a sector, then change it's texture?

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I know this was possible with vanilla Doom, or at least when a sector raises, but I want to make it look like nukage is being drained into sewer grates. Is there a script command to do so, or do I not see a linedef command?

I use ZDoom in Hexen format, by the way.

EDIT: Am I able to add a key to activate it too?

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Yeah, I know Doom 2 has a "lower floor to lowest surrounding floor and change flat/special to match" special. Maybe find that and see what the XLAT has it correspond to?

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Probably special 241
241:Floor_LowerToLowestTxTy (tag, speed)

or possibly special 250
250:Floor_Donut (ptag, pspeed, sspeed)

The opposite would be
239:Floor_RaiseByValueTxTy (tag, speed, height)

And while you are perusing the ZDoom WIKI you could also have a look at XLAT.

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Looks like I was thinking of vanilla linedef type 37 - I was thinking, specifically, of the far-west room in MAP26 of Doom 2. Just as you walk in, the rocky floor on the side of the lava pool you're on lowers down into the lava pool itself, changing its texture to lava and starting to do damage 5/10% to you.

That'd be Floor_LowerToLowestTxTy(tag, 8), according to xlat/base.txt in gzdoom.pk3 (presumably zdoom.pk3, too).

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