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K-E-Z.wad beta test (first wad)

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Hey guys,

I'm a relatively recent addition to the community, though I've been inspired through various mapsets from AV to Sunder to make something of my own.

The following two levels are nothing like the above in terms of difficulty (or indeed in quality), at least not yet. The focus so far has been on theme and variety, mainly in attempts to get my own mapping skills improving.

The final wad will have 6 maps covering 3 distinct themes. Dark Industrial, 'Hell weirdness', and large, grand high monster count maps with different game-play in each.

I'd appreciate any feedback for the first two maps I've made, just to see how progress is going and any nudges in the right direction I'd need to take to make the finished product a little better.

There will probably be homs, basic errors and the like but try and plough through and give some feedback where necessary :>.

Here are some screenshots:

Map 01: 'Iron Within'

Map 27 (03 in the wad) 'Gallery of Flesh')

Texture pack used: CC4-tex
All the best and enjoy!

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on map27
- you can call the lift from the blue key area only once, needs SR action instead of S1
- in classic ports that have infinitely tall objects some hanging corpses in that room block the player

I think many parts of your maps look a bit monotonous, like if you have a black marble room, the black color dominates on the floor, ceiling and walls (so, everywhere). Adding one or two more main colors to such rooms can really enhance the visuals.

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