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Fixed Doom Builder 1 configs?

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DB1's default configs have some inaccuracies: a few blocking hanging corpses aren't marked as blocking, one of "pool of blood" things has a wrong sprite assigned to it, maybe something else. Has anyone tried to fix them? I'm only interested in Boom/Doom 2/Ultimate Doom configs.

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Watch this space.

EDIT - Try these. Didn't spot any obvious errors in the Ultimate Doom config, so you can point them out and laugh at me at your leisure.

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The configs are pretty easy to edit (both DB1 and DB2 configs), if I'm remembering correctly. You should be able to open them up in most text editors. So long as you can figure out the syntax that is (which is fairly simple). I've made a couple custom configs before with little effort.

Well I suppose GreyGhost is taking care of it, heh :)

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