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Tango TV's 5in100-1

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Tango TV proudly presents 5in100-1, a compilation of 5 maps made by the participants of yesterday's TTV special -- the first in a planned video series of speedmapping extravaganzas! Alfonzo, Joe Pallai, Matt Tropiano, Rottking and Tarnsman mapped live on twitch.tv to each produce a playable singeplayer map inside of 100 minutes. The results, as you will see, are quite varied:

>> Download <<

accident.wad - Alfonzo (Doom2 map01)
jpsp13.wad - Joe Pallai (Doom2 map01)
programb.wad - Matt Tropiano (Doom e1m1)
rottspeed01.wad - Rottking (TNT map01)
Tarns-speed.wad - Tarnsman (Plutonia map01)
Demos and feedback are much appreciated! I hope you like startan2.

Tango TV thread: doomworld.com/vb/post/1175854

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I'm surprised nobody added new midis or sky textures in their maps, that's like 80% of the potential atmosphere lost and you really need those 80% when all you have is 100 minutes. I guess I'm a graphic/music whore but this always annoyed me in speedmapping compilations...

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I suspect if I tried to make a map in 100 minutes then I would sound a lot like alfonzo does in that video.

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Since there's no screenshots, I've taken the liberty of doing it myself!

Alfunzo's accident.wad

Joe Polite's jpsp13.wad

Matt Tropicana's programb.wad

RottKing's rottspeed01.wad

and last but not least!! Tarnsmen's tarns-speed.wad

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lol rottking--funny...
you should have given your map a better screenshot as it was really good

I watched about 1/2 an hour of Tarnsman's editing work--sheesh. unbelievably fast work. I really need to learn the editor's shortcuts.

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