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sidedef compression and Doom Builder

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I do sidedef compression tricks (faster scrolling, multiple switch textures changing their appearance) by editing the LINEDEFS lump in XWE but Doom Builder tries to act smart and fucks up my tricks if I resave the map. Is there any workaround? The obvious solution is to do all this at the end of the work on the level but meh, you never know when a map is 100% done, plus I'd like to see everything work as intended while I'm testing the map...

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I don't think the editors are "acting smart", rather they are just re-indexing and saving - a process that wipes out such tricks. The UDMF stuff could alleviate some of that, but, of course, you'd need a port that supports UDMF. Other tricks fall victim to this type of problem too, like REJECT lump editing.

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