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IDK why this is happening but when i open Zandornum,i try to join a server and it tells me

Doomseeker - join server
Client binary cannot be obtained for game: Zandronum
Executable for Zandronum client:
is a directory or doesn't exist.

Ive never had this issue before. Another issue i had was when trying to download the wads for some servers. Some times it will download them and it will give me a message saying how it couldnt open my skulltag folder. Then sometimes it will download it and ask me if i want to download it again. it will just repeat itself. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Heres an example: CRITICAL ERROR: Failed to save file: C:/Program Files (x86)/Skulltag/d2reload.wad

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Don't know if Doomseeker is upset by spaces in path names, but you could try placing the full paths inside double inverted commas. I'd say part of the problem is you're saving stuff to /Program Files, which is a practice Windows tends to discourage these days. Try installing Zandronum and Skulltag to your User folder, save downloaded wads there as well.

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Don't know that you have to uninstall anything. Try copy/pasting the Skulltag and Zandronum folders to your User folder, along with the downloaded wads, then re-configure the engine and file paths in Doomseeker. If you've set up search or autoload paths for either port you'll probably need to edit its .ini file to correct them.

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