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Rome Total War GOLD is only 1$ on steam!

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Holy crap:


I already own the game but this must be a fantastic deal for anyone who hasn't bought the game. No doubt this is to promote Rome 2.

I personally consider the first game to be the best in the series, and its even better if you download the EB mod for it.

Now's the chance for anyone who did not play it before to do so at almost no cost, I guess.

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Rome TW was an excellent game, and I'm looking forward to the sequel. Empire Total war was bad ass too.

One of my best generals ever in RTW was a major alcoholic, so sometimes he wasn't so great, but when he was sober, he was an important asset. Sadly, he was killed by a flaming bolder while trying to capture a north African territory.

Once I had fought an Egyptian army that was twice my size, and won. There was only one survivor on their side who was able to get away from my war dogs. I like to think he went on in history to become the only primary source of that battle for the Egyptian side.

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Kontra Kommando said:

My friend, who is a casual gamer, but still a good person, tried sell me on Ryse: Son of Rome. But I had explained to him that it looked like it was going to be a linear piece of garbage. I then showed him RTW2


I saw some gameplay footage from that game.

Its like a version of the God of War combat where the normal combat has been removed and only the finishing combos have been left in. While cool to watch, it would also be very boring to play.

I mean what is up with some devs thinking that the player wants to watch a movie instead of playing the actual game? Its like they can't even accept the idea that the player doesn't want to play only in the exact way that they intended.

Hopefully the full game will have more non-scripted combat.

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I bought it....and I was really into it until the second city siege. Then it kinda felt the samey as the first. Maybe that will change. VERY good tutorial.

Total War Series is coming out with a F2P series.

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