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Superfly TNT

HI-RES Textures problems

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Hi there I really need some help as I have tried and exhausted all possible solutions that I can think of here. I can't get the game to load up without two or one errors regarding TEXTURES.

I'll guide you through understanding what my problems are here.

Note on here this picture how this is my wad, you can see the textures between a P marker and the textures all fine and dandy on their own here.


Let's go to the TEXTURES editor.

Note here the box in red is the resolution of the HI-RES Door? It's 512x512 pixels. So to get it scaled in the game without being overtly large and not scaled we put 4 for both X and Y which is in the Blue Box. Now look at the green box by doing this we get a scaled size of 128x128 pixels, which is exactly what we want right for it to work in the game just the resolution is in game.


Cool? Yep that's great This will work.

3. Let's start the game in GZDoom:


The boot up executable for GZDoom is showing no errors, all great here.



Oh hell what the heck happened here? As you can see, the textures are scaled correctly. Problem is, they're the standard textures not the Hi-RES textures, so it scaled 128x128 down to 32x32. Wonder why it's done that and not showing the Hi-Res textures.


As you can see, this door is scaled as I told it to in the TEXTURES lump, XScale 4.0 and YSscale 4.0, but instead of using the Hi-RES door of 512x512 and scaling it by 4 so it becomes 128x128, it has used the standard doom texture and taken the 128x128 door and scaled it by 4 so it is 32x32. Pooh.

Ok at this point I think I have a solution. Let's put some HI_START and END markers around the textures in the wad.



We've done that, now lets boot the game.



Oh no, GZDOOM is picking up all the textures and saying the patches are unknown. What's going on?

3. Start the game.


Marvellous! The textures fit and are scaled perfectly as they should be!


AND The door is scaled correctly! But I now have the problem of the 100s of errors saying 'unknown patch' for each and every HI-RES texture.

Ok so that's what was going through my head...

So to put a point to all this I have a choice of errors; I can either have no errors in the boot up for GZDOOM but have the textures not the HI-RES ones and the regular ones scaled down incorrectly. OR I can choose to have an army of errors in the GZDOOM boot which makes it look unprofessional and messy and have working Hi-RES TEXTURES.

To be honest, I'd like to have both these problems gone and not have to choose between one or the other. How do I keep the HI-RES Textures working and scaled in the game, but WITHOUT all those errors about 'unknown patches' appearing in the boot up of GZDOOM's console at the start?

Thanks a bunch hope this was clear enough for understanding, I'd love to sort this out so help me please! =)

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If I've read the Wiki correctly - graphics between HI_START/HI_END markers that are Hi-Res replacements for existing graphics will be scaled automatically, so you should be able to remove their definitions from the TEXTURES lump and hopefully see all those error messages go away. If any "unknown patch" errors remain, try moving the offending patches (and the P_START/P_END markers) out of the Hi-Res namespace.

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Thanks Grey Ghost. I can't remove the images or else they won't show up as Hi-res in GZDoom Builder for preview. I tried removing the P-start and end markers and substituting the Hi-start and end but it creates the same scaling problem.

I need both the hi-start/end and P_start/end for it to appear in game correctly scaled for some bizarre reasons :/

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That does sound a little bizarre. Could you send me a copy of the wad for closer inspection?

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Yep I can, thanks, I'll have to do it later on though but just so you know it's 216MB large as there's a lot of textures in there.

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