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shitty duel maps pt1 - Magnet

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are my specialty // play with cc4 tex

Name: Magnet
Gamemode: Duel or 2-4 player DM
Compat: Boom
Build time: 3-5 hours over a week or so
Note: Plays like shit. 0 time in planning phase


Wow, 3 maps in one year :O New record for me. Feedback is welcome.

Music: "The Grim Angel" from PSP's Riviera: The Promised Land, from VGMusic.com

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Ooh, another one!
It's a little cramped and boxy for my tastes, but the layout is solid and the visuals are nice - impressive given the quick build time.
Perhaps eliminate a couple of snagging points though - e.g. with each of the two rooms with a RL behind a chicken-wire fence, it's easy to snag oneself on the pillar that the fence is connected too. I'd recommend either using impassible lines in line with the edges of the pillar, or (better, given the way impassable lines work in more 'classic' ports like Odamex) just raise a sector underneath the fence, in line with the edges of the pillar, to block player movement, but without obscuring the player's FOV - about 28 units high ought to do it. You could also do something similar for the green lights protruding from the wall of the corridor on the south-side of the map, or set these into the wall a la essel.
The relationship between player starts and weapons is a little odd in places - you have a few spots where there are one or two player starts more or less adjacent to weapons, but given their positioning, and the angle of the player starts, players not likely to pick them up (at least, not without backtracking) unless they recognise where they are before the natural inclination to spawn-in running forward carries them out of reach. Maybe this is intentional, but otherwise I'd consider a little repositioning.
In any case, nice map!

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