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Boom forcefields

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I can't remember any Boom-compatible WADs/maps off-hand that made force-fields from see-through textures that blocked the player and could be "shut off" (i.e. removed instantly).

Are there any such WADs that do this? I'd like to examine how the effect is achieved, but I'd also quite like some guidance in achieving it myself. I have the necessary textures ready-made.

Thanks in advance. :)

EDIT: Whoops, probably the wrong section.

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You don't really need Boom for that, check out map01 from Eternal Doom which is vanilla compatible ("cells" with cacodemons, PEs, etc).

edit: there is also this tutorial by TGH.

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In case you were interested, here's a vanilla version:

-Have a sector inside the sector you want to have the forcefield.

-Raise the height of the sector to 1 below the ceiling: it basically has to be above the player's line of sight but below the ceiling. It's kind of similar to the Mordeth Bridge trick.

-Set the middile texture of the sides of the sector that are facing out to your see-through texture and set the offset to about 128(check ingame to see how it looks).

-Give the sector a tag.

-Make a sector outside your map and give it a ceiling height of the floor around your forcefield sector.

-Make another sector right beside it.

-Select the second sector and your forcefield sector and Join them.

-Give the switch you're using the "Raise to Lowest Ceiling" action.

I think that should do it. Also, I'm pretty sure there's forcefields in Icarus MAP01, so that might be worth looking at.

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