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Superfly TNT

GZDoom Lighting through walls?

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Have you ever noticed how if you go near a light in gzdoom let's say E1m1 for example the room to the left from the start position, you can see that the light from one of the light columns appears on the other side of the wall?

This effect is apparent everywhere when an object has its own lighting, say a light or torch where it's light can appear on the other side of a wall. What causes this? Is there any way to fix it?



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I'm no coder, but I don't think there's a way to fix this. It's fake real-time lighting, or whatever. It won't cast shadows, it'll cast light in a specific radius / spherical volume, regardless of what's in the way.

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I saw this come up on the ZDoom forums. Gez heavily implied that this would never, ever happen, because of the nature of GZDoom's dynamic lights. I still like my 'ignore dynamic lights sector tag' idea, but I'm not technically adept enough to even begin to understand why it's such a hassle. Let alone making it into a reality.

Found the post.

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GZDoom values speed (i.e FPS) above all else.

Doomsday has better dlight clipping than GZDoom (though still not completely perfect), but that comes at a performance cost.

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