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Wads I made when I was 10-12 years old

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Hello everyone, I just made this account to post old wads I made when I was 10-12 years old (I think that was how old I was anyway). I'm 15 now and these were all designed for Skulltag so use Skulltag unless you like unknown textures n such. Many if not all of these wads contain "stolen" content (music, textures, etc.) from other wads around at the time.

Dark Fall.wad (thanks Obsidian, map08 is a deathmatch map from the deathmatch wad I mentioned, don't know how that got there.)
First wad made in 2009, took about a week to make.

wad that ends with a lazily done outdoor section which is unfinished

....wad (this doesnt seem to be working atm, will try to fix later maybe)
single map boss arena

Intended to be my first 32+maps wad, large filesize, also the second crackodemon boss is pretty unbeatable especially in the room it's in so use any cheats you want to beat it.

nice mapset, also ends on an unfinished map.

These are just the more important maps. There's also a nice deathmatch wad which I might upload later. I've always loved Doom, first game I ever played and still play it today. Enjoy! :D

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Heh, I remember making some of my first maps in Skulltag. :)

I had a look at the first one, and it's pretty decent considering it being your first map. I also noticed a sexy-looking map in the MAP08 slot that looked like a deathmatch map. I might have a look at some of the others later.

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I have some old WADs of mine up on /idgames I made when I was 15 or 16..I am 31 now. Oh the days of old when I was new to Doom mapping..

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