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Office.WAD (complete!)

on a scale of one to five, how good is this map?  

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  1. 1. on a scale of one to five, how good is this map?

    • *
    • **
    • ***
    • ****
    • *****
    • where in the HELL is my TURKEY SANDWITCH?!

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This was the result of one of my MANY unfinished levels that I happen to have on my compute, but I thought that the starting area was pretty neat, so I acidently butchered the rest of the level!so I then decided to post it. Although I think I got the dificulty right on this one, it is dificult, and (to me at least) agrivating, but it is completable. most of mine are either to easy or imposible, this one got a good mix



enjoy :3

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It's okay, just really... so browny brown everywhere. Try using a few other colored textures now and then. ;-) Also, there's a HOM in the middle of the bookcase hallway and also on the other side of that same wall (in the room with the two barons). Doesn't crash the game, just looks weird.

BaronOfStuff said:

Saw the title, and froze. At least it's not this.

I want to play that! Which file on /idgames is it?

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