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Experimental Map for Brutal Doom (80% Finished)

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I tried making this map to the best of my abilities to kinda match the game-play style of Brutal Doom whether I did a good job or not is up to you. Have not tried playing this map with-out Brutal Doom could imagine it would be a lot easier to beat.

The map is still unfinished I have quite a bit more work and tweaking to do to the map. Once you get to the Yellow skull key its pretty much it. Feel free to no clip around to see the rest of the map.

Recommend using the latest GZDoom Release.

To prevent some secrets from being spoiled set dynamic light size to around 18%-25%







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Dont mean to double post, but nobody want to take a shot at this? It will let me know if I should continue this project or scrap it.

If I didn't provide enough info in original post please tell me. I'm also some what new to the forums.

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People here have mixed opinions on Brutal Doom. It might be worth posting on the ZDoom forums as well, there has been several Brutal Doom-related projects over there.

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