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MIDI request: doesn't know whether it is a proven example of being unabashed...

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Yeah, it is. I'm willing to do anything that is required and obligatory to minimize the chance of being sued due to music copyright infringement. After stating this will I ask the main question:

- Would anyone make a MIDI rendition of Tony Esposito's Kalimba de Luna for me?

I know that there is a way, since there are several wads (namely Nightmares of Loki, Nazi Auferschtehung, Scythe I-II, Dimensions of Time, Claustrophobia 1024, etc.) that contain renditions of original songs having been sung/performanced already. I searched for a proper MP3-midi converter on Google beforehead for another music, but the things I found either wouldn't work or the result was undesirable, that's why I am asking this. It is enough to even show me a converter or something (at least the only one needing copyright claimance would be me at the release of Doomep47), but if one's eager to do the rendition himself, that is also welcome for me.

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Shall my appreciation follow you on your eternal way of life!!

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